The Importance Of Temperature Control In The Spirit Manufacturing Process

All Alcoholic spirits go through at least two procedures – fermentation and Distillation. Fermentation is a method all alcohol is created through the use of glucose, yeast and bacteria, among other ingredients. Distillation is the process of removing impurities from a liquid by using selective boiling and condensation, a process often carried out in a piece of equipment called a still or distillation column. 

Understanding the importance of temperature measurement and control is critical to running a distillation column (a chemical instrument) at peak efficiency. , In fact, it is one of the most common methods to ensure production efficiency and the overall quality of the end product.  

This article reveals the importance of temperature control in the spirit manufacturing process.

Product Quality And Consistency

In Distillation, temperature control has an effect on the stability of the end product because spirit production is an exact science that relies on precise control of temperature conditions. 

Milling and pressing, fermentation, blending, distilling, maturing, and packaging are all steps in the production of a spirit brand. Each comes with its own set of obstacles that are dependent on the specifics of the raw ingredients used and the final product.

By keeping the temperatures of processes under tight control, a Master Distiller can guarantee a consistently high-quality end result.

Equipment & Personnel Safety

Temperature control and monitoring are essential for the security of any distillery. Distillation of alcohol requires extremely high temperatures increases the likelihood of accidents occurring. Distillery equipment is designed to withstand high temperatures, but personnel and staff should always be made aware of which areas in the production line to exercise caution. The master distiller will continually monitor temperature at different stages of production to ensure stability. 


Improved Energy Efficiency

Maintaining a constant temperature is essential in manufacturing because it has a direct effect on cycle times and output. This has a considerable impact on product quality, consistency and wastage, as well as energy consumption and production costs.

As a result of their high heat requirements, distillation columns are the single highest contributor to the overall energy consumption of chemical processes. Therefore, energy-efficient column designs and precise temperature control are crucial for the chemical industry to dramatically cut carbon dioxide emissions and meet its climate targets.


Quality Controlled Contract Distillation Services

Here at the Midlands Distillery, we are continuously sourcing the latest in equipment solutions for all stages of production. We take the strictest temperature control, and our staff are trained in all areas of temperature monitoring and safety. This results in improved safety, reduced energy costs, and pristine quality output between batches.

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