Taste of Tradition: Midlands Distillery’s Heritage Spirit Revived

Step into the world of Bootleging and prohibition-era intrigue as Midlands Distillery takes you on a journey through time. Our age-old heritage spirit embodies the rebellious nature of underground drinking culture while infusing innovative flavors for a contemporary twist. This blog post explores the captivating history, craftsmanship, and rich flavors of our iconic Bootlegger Moonshine.

Forging a Fusion of Legacies

Moonshine originated from the illicit distillation of grain, which peaked in popularity in the 1920s during the prohibition era. Our Master distiller has revived and brought to life our authentic North American moonshine recipes with homegrown South African recipes that have been shared and adapted through generations. Inspired by meticulously researching the production methods and ingredients to recreate the true essence of this iconic spirit, Bootlegger Moonshine was born.


Crafted with Authenticity

Reviving a heritage spirit requires a commitment to authenticity and attention to detail. Therefore, we have taken great care in recreating the production process of Bootlegger Moonshine. From the selection of locally sourced ingredients to the traditional fermentation and distillation in our copper stills, every step is executed with precision and reverence for the craft. The outcome is a moonshine that perfectly encapsulates the genuine flavors and essence of its rich history, intertwined with the vibrant flavors inherited from generations in South Africa.


Indulge in Captivating Flavors

Bootlegger Moonshine offers a range of flavors that elevate the experience of our moonshine. From the classic White Lightning that embodies the raw essence of moonshine to the sweet and indulgent Ouma’s Apple Pie, each flavor takes you on a unique journey of taste and nostalgia. Discover the Wild Berry variant or indulge in the delicate floral notes of Rose Moonshine. These flavors combine tradition with innovation, allowing you to savor the past while embracing the present.


Immerse Yourself in the Authenticity of Bootlegger Moonshine

Bootlegger Moonshine represents more than just a grain spirit; it embodies the spirit of defiance, resilience, and craft that characterized the prohibition era. Our commitment to reviving this heritage spirit is a testament to our dedication to preserving tradition and honoring the legacy of moonshine. So raise a glass of Bootlegger Moonshine and experience the taste of tradition revived.


Grab a jar and get busy livin’ with us!

Established in 2016, The Midlands Distillery has since become one of South Africa’s fastest-growing spirit producers, creating a variety of award-winning, premium quality artisanal spirits for both domestic and international distribution. 

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