Sustainability – The Midlands Distillery Approach

The concept of sustainability has become increasingly important in business. Sustainability is defined as “the ability to maintain a certain level of economic activity without depleting natural resources or having a negative impact on the environment.” It is the practice of finding and maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental protection. 

At Midlands Distillery we are passionate about producing high-quality spirits in an environmentally responsible manner. We have two main goals: to achieve zero waste throughout our production process and to have our production operation running entirely off-the-grid by 2025. We are determined to be an example and an industry leader in sustainability.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our team at Midlands Distillery are constantly researching innovative systems and technologies to reduce our environmental impact. One of the ways we currently reduce our carbon emissions is by using steam generation to heat our stills. This process eliminates the need for large tanks of fuel and reduces our reliance on nonrenewable resources.

Instead of using traditional fuels such as natural gas, we use biomass pellets, which are an eco-friendly, renewable source of energy. The steam generation process is very efficient, and has a much lower impact on the environment than other forms of fuel.


Benefits of Sustainable Practices

Implementing sustainable practices in business has a multitude of benefits. Businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices can reduce their environmental footprint, conserve precious resources, and save money.

Going green also makes a positive statement about the company which strengthens its reputation and gives a competitive edge over non-sustainable businesses. Companies who are proactive about sustainability ensure long-term security for their business. In the long run, implementing a sustainability program leads to a higher bottom line as well as improved environmental conditions. These benefits make sustainability an ever-growing movement that is worth investing in.


The Future Is In Our Hands

At Midlands Distillery, we believe that the future of the spirits industry lies in sustainability. We understand that the way we run our business has a direct impact on the environment, and we are committed to doing our part. We will accomplish our objectives and strive for greater, greener goals.

We invite all distilleries to join us in our mission to protect the planet and reduce our environmental footprint. Together, we can create a sustainable future for us all.

Established in 2016, The Midlands Distillery has since become one of South Africa’s fastest-growing spirit producers, creating a variety of award-winning, premium quality artisanal spirits for both domestic and international distribution. 

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